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We are dedicated to providing compassionate support and guidance to individuals and families in our community. Our mission is to create a safe and nurturing space where clients can explore their emotions, overcome challenges, and discover their inner strength.

Our mission is to create a safe and nurturing space where clients can explore their emotions, overcome challenges, and discover their inner strength.

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Keileigh Yeend, Therapist, Sky Counseling, Laramie WY

Keileigh Yeend, MSW, LCSW

Therapist/Owner - EMDR Trained

My passion for helping others began at a young age as I experienced working with many wonderful counselors. Since that time I have found a variety of ways to continue in the helping field, I know each stage of life comes with unique challenges, changes and growth. I have worked with individuals from age 10 through 90+ in many settings. I have experience with depression, anxiety, anger, major life changes, relationship issues, end of life care, transition care, those involved in the criminal justice system, compassion fatigue, and with first-responders. I use an integrative therapy approach including Motivational Interviewing,  EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client-Centered Therapy, Trauma-Informed Care and a Strengths Based Approach. As a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, I draw from Movement, Mindfulness and Breathwork to help you connect with Self and your strengths.

Sarah Green Therapist, Skye Counseling, Laramie, WY

Sarah Green, MSW, LCSW

Therapist - Current EMDR Training

The majority of my clinical practice is based in integrative care, treating the whole person, not just their problems. When we can be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually well, we can start to embrace an authentic self leading to a fulfilling life. I will work with you on full mind and body wellness. I believe that everyone can benefit from therapy, and everyone should be able to access it! I come to the therapeutic environment with curiosity, empathy, and a willingness to help you see your potential for healthy well-being. I invite you to get to know me and me to know you, so we can work together to reduce the distress that life can bring us all.

Types of Therapy Used: Adlerian, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Compassion Focused, Culturally Sensitive, Exposure Response Prevention (ERP),Family Systems, Humanistic, Narrative, Person-Centered, Psychodynamic, Schema Therapy, Solution Focused Brief (SFBT), Strength-Based, Trauma Focused, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Gissel Bernard-Molina, Therapist, Skye Counseling, Laramie, WY

Gissel Bernard-Molina, MS, PPC, NCC


Hello! My name is Gissel Bernard-Molina. When the 2020 pandemic hit, the importance of mental health became more understood in our society. Even before the pandemic began, I understood how important mental health was; having overcome a couple traumatic experiences myself, I know firsthand how important it is to process your experiences in a healthy way in order to grow and learn how to lean on yourself. I truly believe that listening and being there for people can be powerful and healing. This is why I really value person centered counseling. Person centered counseling is the belief that everyone has the capacity for growth and self-actualization, as long as they are in a safe and nonjudgmental environment. My goal is to help guide and support you as you embark on this healing journey. Along with person centered counseling, I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Christian Therapy. I have experience working with anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, and major life changes. Currently my age group is 18 to 35-year-olds with a particular focus on working with college students. I am also fluent in Spanish and offer full counseling services in Spanish as well.

I know that opening up to a stranger can be a hard and scary thing to do, it is not easy being vulnerable. However, I believe that if we work together healing is possible, and I would love to help you along your journey.

Jesse Johnston, NCC counselor with Skye Counseling

Jesse Johnston, NCC

Starting June 2024

With a foundational degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion, my journey into the realm of mental and physical wellness began over a decade ago. My initial fascination with the human body’s capabilities led me to explore a diverse array of continuing education fields, including massage therapy, personal training, yoga, nutrition, culinary arts, and wellness coaching. This multidisciplinary approach has equipped me with a holistic understanding of well-being that goes beyond the physical.

Over the years, my passion has evolved into a profound realization: the undeniable link between our thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and overall health. I’ve come to understand that our well-being is intricately influenced by a tapestry of factors, encompassing our past experiences, present circumstances, and future goals. This insight has been the cornerstone of my practice.

In my counseling services, I commit to guiding individuals towards increased self-awareness, helping them forge new thought patterns, and revolutionizing their relationships with themselves and others. My approach is rooted in the belief that by nurturing the mind, we can transform our lives, achieving a higher quality of life that resonates through every aspect of our being.

Meghan Thiel

Counseling Intern

I am so inspired by the courage it takes to ask for help. I want to be the mirror that reflects your goodness and capacity for healing and thriving. I believe we each come with that inner wisdom, then adapt our way of being and relating to the world according to the systems and relationships that influence us. They create our template and influence the relationships and systems we engage with as we mature. Over time, our adapted way of being and coping including our relationship with our emotions and bodies can manifest physically, emotionally, and more. The counseling relationship itself can kickstart healing and helps bring awareness of what will work best for you in your life. With great warmth and empathy, I hope to help bring personal awareness of these influences and address what’s going on internally to help you with your concerns. I consider it a great honor to walk alongside my clients on their healing journey.

Individual counseling for ages 3+ | Experience Includes: Anxiety, depression, grief & loss, relationship confusion, abuse, life transitions, self-esteem, social struggles, parenting, and more.

Main theories used: Person-Centered, Attachment, Psychodynamic, Feminist, Child-Centered Play Therapy, and interest in Somatic Therapy modalities.

Abbie Branch-Grover, Esthetician, Sky Counseling, Laramie, WY

Abbie Branch-Grover


Hi! I’m Abbie from Arcane Aesthetics, your sanctuary of holistic beauty and wellness. Specializing in facials, waxing, and body treatments, I offer transformative services tailored to enhance your natural radiance. 

Each stage of life comes with unique challenges, changes and growth.

Keileigh Yeend, MSW, LCSW


tree with new growth symbolizing mental growth and strength

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SKYE Counseling began in 2020 as a solo practice and has since grown to have multiple providers with varying interests and approaches to therapy. At SKYE Counseling, each counselor has their own unique approach to helping you move through and overcome whatever challenges you have been facing. We offer individual counseling, group counseling, and occasional classes to connect with both mind and body. Starting in May 2024, SKYE Counseling will also have their very own practicing Esthetician through Arcane Aesthetics offering a variety of holistic wellness practices.

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